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Our design team work closely with customers through every stage of the design process to help us ensure that we meet client requirements in full and on time! We put great emphasis on customer focus, our experienced engineers and designers are there for the customer every step of the way through their own bespoke design. We are proficient in dealing with non-standard or unique designs also. We have the latest high tech equipment a CAD system with full 3D modelling capabilities. (3D Solid Works) this enables us to run our fabrication services at maximum efficiency and pass the resulting cost saving to our clients.

Customer Focus

Our focus on the customer, quality, product excellence and price competitiveness has fuelled the steady growth of Flexitech's business. It has also allowed us to expand further into value added component production, thereby enhancing our reputation as a consistent, dependable business to partner with.

It makes sound business sense to concentrate on what you do best and entrust everything else to an expert partner. Many of the world's leading manufacturing businesses today follow this approach and partner with a strong contract manufacturer like Flexitech.


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